Join me as I chat via Zoom to Martin Gott, a "cult figure" in the cheese world.  He makes a wonderful washed rind raw sheep milk cheese on his farm in Cumbria.



More Episodes

Patrick Holden of Hafod Cheese and The Sustainable Food Trust

May 6, 2020

Join me as I speak to Dairy farmer, cheesemaker and activist Patrick Holden.  We discuss the Covid-19 crisis in the context of his business and how the food systems we have now need to be future proofed with a greater focus on and support for sustainable practices.

Andy Swinscoe of the Courtyard Dairy 2.0

April 29, 2020

I speak to Andy of The Courtyard Dairy. He's appeared before on the Cellarman podcast but obviously we live in very different times.

Andy speaks about how his business has had to find ways to survive and the responsibility he feels for the producers he supports.

Carlos Yescas of Oldways Cheese Coalition

April 22, 2020

Join me as I speak to Carlos Yescas, former diplomat and now cheesemonger.  Born in bred in Mexico now living in the US, Carlos is an advocate for Raw milk production and speaks amazingly about the socio-economic effects of Covid-19 in the US, in Mexico and around the world.

Tom Oliver’s Dining Room with David Jowett

April 19, 2020

This is an experiment... It's immersive.  Sit with a glass of cider and a plate of delicious things and discover the origins of a new cheese created by two great producers, Tom Oliver of Oliver's Cider and David Jowett of Kingstone Dairy. 

It's a departure for The Cellarman Podcast, more of a rambling chat over good food - a bit of escapism at a time when we need it.

Jason Hinds of Neal’s Yard Dairy

April 17, 2020

Join me as I chat to Jason Hinds of Neal's Yard Dairy.  This is an overview of the industry at this time of crisis, we discuss the challenges faced and the opportunities for producers in "The After"

12. Andrea Power of Hatchman’s Cheeses

April 14, 2020

Join me as I catch up with Andrea Power of Hatchman's Cheeses in Barbados.  Covid-19 is a global crisis and I want to start to paint the picture of global cheese. 

11. Julianna Sedli from The Old Cheese Room

April 10, 2020

Join me as I catch up with Julianna Sedli owner of the Old Cheese Room.  We talk COvid-19, the troubles they are facing and how they are looking to overcome for a brighter, more local future

10. Jonny Crickmore NOT on the farm

April 2, 2020

I catch up with Jonny Crickmore of Fen Farm Dairy, producer of Baron Bigod.  I wanted to hear how he's dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.  

9. Jenny Linford Food Writer.

August 19, 2018

Join me as I taste cheese with Jenny Linford, Food Writer and Author of The Missing Ingredient, a great book all about the many roles time plays in our food and drink.

We start in Neal's Yard where cheesemongers Will and Phil give us a delicious taste of some great cheese whilst giving us a little insight into the dark arts of the cheesemonger. We then wander Borough Market engaging in some 

Jenny's book is published by Penguin and is widely available at all good outlets!